SESAR Walking Tour „Implementation of Data-link Services for the ATM in FIR EPWW”

March 14, 2019 | PANSA | Uncategorized

Today at 11:00 on PANSA stand #239 we will host the SESAR Walking Tour nr 16 – „Implementation of Data-link Services for the ATM in FIR EPWW”.

The project main goal was implementation of Data Link Services above FL285 in Warszawa FIR as required by EU Data Link Services Implementing Rule. The project also allowed extension of VDL Mode 2 coverage area in Warszawa FIR and installation of new ground stations supporting multi-frequency data link operation. All planned activities were completed on time.

PANSA current air-ground data link capability is an essential prerequisite for future “Baseline 2” applications and particularly for future services like 4D-trajectory based operations.

During the presentation you will learn about:

  • PANSA data link system performance, including CPDLC usage rate and trend since its operational deployment in March 2018,

PANSA experience after implementation of data link services, including cooperation with airlines and identified challenges for future implementation of Initial Trajectory Information Sharing.