About CPDLC in FIR EPWW during SESAR Walking Tours

March 14, 2019 | PANSA | Uncategorized

The SESAR Walking Tour nr 16 – „Implementation of Data-link Services for the ATM in FIR EPWW” – started at 11:00 today on PANSA stand #239 at WAC.

“What’s the user perspective? – in essence – data link just works. When the aircraft is connected, solution is being used by controllers and pilots quite a lot. It helps in many situations, enables workload reduction and efficiency in task sharing”, said Rafał Cichocki, Head of Core Systems Planning Unit, PANSA. “Currently in Polish airspace we have about 30% of flights that are CPDLC capable. Unfortunately only 13% of flights really use CPDLC. But there is a hope. Situation is getting better, while the trend for connected aircraft is rising”, our expert added.