A Memorandum of Understanding between Indra and PANSA signed in Madrid!

March 13, 2019 | PANSA | Uncategorized

A Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Air Traffic Control Management was signed during the World ATM Congress 2019 in Madrid between Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and Indra Sistemas. On the official ceremony PANSA was represented by Acting President Janusz Janiszewski.

The objective of this agreement is to lay down the general terms and conditions for the collaboration between the Parties in the field of research and development. It considers the improvements derived from the usage of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, including improvements in trajectory prediction and related tools, as well as the HMI improvements, mainly in terms of redesign of Human Machine Interface operation modes with the use of new technologies such as automatic speed recognition, attention control, multitouch input devices.

The signed document covers the general terms and conditions regarding the collaboration ans subsequently regarding the rules and the mechanism of the collaboration.